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Struggling with "bad luck"
"Before l consulted Dr Shakim, l was very desperate in life that all my love relationship couldn’t last and l couldn’t keep a job or get any work promotion or salary increase” “I tried different kinds of business which all did not last” “But ever since l used Dr Shakim’s medicine, my luck has greatly improved and now l have been permanently employed for 1 years at a well paying job and l have also been running a side business for 7 months with lots of profits"

Paul - Quebec, Canada.

*Results may vary by individuals.


Sexual health problems
After a long time struggle with health problems, my penis became very weak” “I struggled with early ejaculation problems for over 3 years, then Dr Shakim gave me batha medicine which strengthened my penis and l also overcame the problem of early ejaculation” “ It’s now 8months without any ejaculation problems and my penis is strong enough and I am now in a serious relationship.

Sello - Johannesburg, South Africa

*Results may vary by individuals.


* Disclaimer - *Results may vary by individuals.

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